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Infant Massage classes

The Consultation

Natasha will visit you in your home within the Eastern Suburbs, where you can feel comfortable, natural and at ease.

The initial consultation will take up to an hour and a half. Follow up appointments or acute complaints can be around half an hour or so depending on the severity of the issue.

During the consultation she will take a thorough health history and begin to gain a true understanding of your unique sensitivities and reactions as well as a clear insight into the main health concerns you may be experiencing or have been living with for some time.

This may involve questions regarding the quality of your sleep, seasonal conditions, physical disturbances from food as well as emotional experiences that cause you any distress.

This valuable information about your individual nature and history is a guide to selecting the correct homeopathic medicine that can gently and rapidly bring about healing.

Natasha is a mother as well as an experienced Montessori teacher, she realises how children and teenagers feel more secure in their own familiar environment.

This is a unique feature that Natasha can offer to parents when treating their children. Her homeopathic consultation and follow up care is relaxed and thoroughly taken without disruption to babies as they nurse or children as they play, and get on with their activities as normal.



I had never tried homeopathy until during my pregnancy, Nastasha was recommended to me by my midwife.

Natasha called to my home and we had a chat in a relaxed environment which is what you want when your not feeling well. We talked about lifestyle and she was able to recommend a remedy for me which worked great.

I have called her twice since then as my little boy Jack started nursery and was getting sick very often. At the beginning I went to the doctors and got antibiotics but after a couple of visits I decided to go the homeopathic route for a natural remedy.

Natasha called to see us again which was great for anyone who has had to bring a sick child to a doctors clinic will know! We had a friendly chat, Jack loved her. She found him the perfect remedy to clear up his cold and also had great advise to help boost his immune system.

I would recommend homeopathy and Natasha to anyone. Friendly service, great follow up and natural remedies for all the family!

Two happy clients - Jack & Triona :) x