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Doula/Birth Support

In the defining moments in our lifetimes, the birth of new life and the sacred experience of birthing , affirm our humanity, put our feet firmly on the ground and gives expression to hidden potential.

As a Doula, I see my roles as being a listener, caring and understanding for your birth wishes, a mirror reflecting these wishes and a communicator, when needed, supporting your informed choices and always nurturing and protecting the birth process.

I am the mother of three children and have experienced three very different births. I feel that I have gained insight into women’s resilience and internal strength. Birth is an opportunity, a gift, offering all involved a chance to gain deeper understandings and connections.

I draw on my knowledge and personal experience of birth to care for you and your partner to the best of my abilities. I can provide non-medical techniques to aid relaxation, comfort, massage and positioning for labour and birth.

My goal is to help you to have the most satisfying birth experience as you define it.



When I met Natasha at an event when I was three months pregnant, I knew that I wanted her to be my doula. Natasha is the perfect fusion of strength, integrity and sensitivity.

Throughout my pregnancy and then during labour, Natasha always asked the right questions, read the situation from a place of calm and kindness, and always allowed me to be myself and have faith in my ability as a woman and mother. I will never forget her telling me ‘you are magnificent’ during the most challenging part in labour as I pushed my daughter out into the world.

I will never forget her telling me that ‘we will choose our battles’ when dealing with a difficult midwife. And I will never forget her watching from afar as my husband and I cradled our newborn daughter, giving us the space and time to soak in that precious moment. Natasha is the perfect ‘middle woman’.

She will support you but not take over, care for you but encourage you to find your own strength, and be your advocate when needed. I highly recommend having Natasha as your doula.

— MIRIAM HECHTMAN, Mother of Noa and Lina



I heard about the concept of a doula through a colleague of mine. The idea of having an experienced support person with my husband and I during our labour really appealed to us. Natasha was kind and patient and we have no hesitation recommending her!

Natasha was informed throughout the labour and ensured that the hospital staff honoured our wishes. She gave both my husband and I the added comfort and confidence we needed to deliver a beautiful baby boy!

Thank you Natasha!

— Peta