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Infant Massage classes

Infant Massage Classes

Learning the new skills of infant massage as a parent is a wonderful way to connect with your baby through loving touch enhancing healthy emotional and developmental growth for your child.

Natasha offers private 1:1 Infant massage instruction in your home or group classes for friends or parents groups. Each session runs for 60 minutes for the duration of 3 sessions to carefully learn strokes gradually and to allow babies time to adjust to massage.

Cost is $30 per class for groups. $60 for private session, Organic massage oil is included.

The benefits of infant Massage are many, such as:

  • fun and relaxing for parents and baby.
  • builds confidence in new parents to understand infant cues.
  • encourages baby to sleep deeper and longer.
  • soothes babies digestive system, improving symptoms of colic, reflux and irritability.
  • communicates love, trust and respect.
  • boosts serotonin levels in babies.
  • helps to form a healthy attachment and bond, necessary for babies to thrive.