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What can Homeopathy treat?

The healing scope of Homeopathy is unlimited.

Some main areas that can be successfully treated are:

  • First Aid situations-accidents, trauma, sports injury, burns, shock, bites, stings.
  • Acute illness-cough, colds, earache, headaches, stomach upset, pain.
  • Chronic ailments-skin conditions, asthma, digestive problems, sinus complaints, reoccurring infections, prostate complaints, gynaecological problems, depression, anxiety, chronic pain.
  • Pre and Post natal care for Mother and baby-hormonal imbalances, difficulty falling pregnant, morning sickness, backache, difficult labour, after pains, bleeding, bruising after birth, wound care, post natal depression, mastitis, breastfeeding problems.
  • Babies, Childrens Health and behaviour problems- thrush, colic, feeding difficulties, cradle cap, skin conditions, teething problems, general illness, difficult behaviour problems, toilet training, confidence.

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I am so grateful that I found Natasha shortly after becoming a new mum. In those first few weeks of breastfeeding, I suffered from recurrent mastitis and was reluctant to take multiple courses of antibiotics which didn’t seem to be fixing the root cause of the problem. I had never tried homeopathy before, so didn’t know what to expect but I was astonished at just how quickly Natasha’s remedy worked! Her treatments are gentle, safe and effective – perfect for a young family, and she is a very caring and nurturing practitioner who really takes time with her patients to understand what’s going on.

I now use Natasha’s homeopathic remedies for our family healthcare, and would recommend her to anyone looking for gentle but effective treatment.

— Belinda Williams


I was referred to Natasha by my midwife after having trouble with breastfeeding ( Vasospasm ), suffering from a great deal of pain. In less than 2 weeks I was able to breastfeed without any pain…

Natasha and her “ magic “ tinctures are the only reason I am still breastfeeding and loving every moment of it.

— Yifat